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  St. Croix River Fishing Good fishing... beautiful scenery... historic river towns. We’ll hook you up.
The Top 10 Reasons to Fish the St. Croix River:
  • No10.750pix
  • No9.750pixStillwater, MN
  • No8.750pixFantastic scenery near Taylors Falls, MN
  • No7.750pixWildlife sightings are common along the St. Croix River
  • No6.750pixA variety of fishing experinces is available on the St. Croix River.
  • No5.750pixA variety of fish species are found in the St. Croix River
  • No4.750pixGenerous limits are allowed on the St. Croix River
  • No3.750pixThe St. Croix River is close to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area
  • No2.750pixGiant catfish and sturgeon are found in the St. Croix River
  • No1.750pixThe St. Croix River is an excellent fishery
#1 It's a quality fishery.
The St. Croix River holds the most popular gamefish, including walleye, sauger and muskie. Trophy fish may not be common, but they're here. If you are looking for smallmouth bass, the Upper St. Croix River is one of the top fisheries in the nation.
#6 Variety of experiences.
With over 200 miles of fishable water, the St. Croix River system has a wide variety of experiences to offer — whether you're looking for a quiet paddle with a fly rod in hand, or prefer to hear your 200 HP motor roar on its way to your favorite spot.
#2 A chance to catch a river monster.
It's no secret — the St. Croix River is home to giant catfish and sturgeon. They are often caught on baits intended for walleye or other species. Their size and brute strength will put your gear and skills to the test.
#7 Wildlife sightings.
If you take a break from watching your fishing line, you might be amazed by sightings of bald eagles, osprey, deer, blue heron, or migratory waterfowl.
#3 It’s close to home.
If you live near the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, the St. Croix River is practically in your back yard. Many anglers are surprised to discover how good the fishing can be when it's less than an hour from their front door.
#8 Fantastic scenery.
Even when the fish aren't biting, there is so much natural beauty to enjoy. There are parts of the river that haven't changed much in hundreds of years.
#4 Generous limits.
The size and number of the fish you can keep from the St. Croix River compares favorably to inland waters. For instance, a single angler can take home six walleyes that exceed 15 inches in length. There is no minimum size for sauger. Another bonus is that you are allowed to fish with two lines.
#9 River towns.
The river towns along the St. Croix are mostly quiet and quaint, yet offer many river-related activities. They also offer fine dining, shopping, B&Bs, and other lodging. The St. Croix River Valley is the perfect getaway for people of all ages and interests, even if the visitor isn't interested in fishing. Hmmmm... imagine that?
#5 Diversity of species.
Typically, you'll encounter a mixed bag of species during a day of fishing on the St. Croix River. Local anglers will tell you how it adds an extra level of interest when the next bite could be a bluegill, crappie, sheephead, smallmouth bass, walleye, or even a giant catfish or sturgeon.
#10 Clean water.
As a protected National Scenic Riverway, St. Croix River provides excellent fish habitat in clean water. The “root beer stained” water picks up its light brown tint as it flows through tamarack forests near its source, but it runs clear for approximately 100 miles before it meets the Mississippi River near Prescott, WI.
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