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  St. Croix River Fishing Good fishing... beautiful scenery... historic river towns. We’ll hook you up.
  Cities Located on the St. Croix River
Historic rivertowns. Spectacular scenery. Outdoor recreation. Indoor events. These are just a few of the attractions that draw visitors year-round to the St. Croix Valley.
Nestled between Minnesota and Wisconsin in a picturesque valley, the St. Croix River flows between bluffs of limestone and sandstone, beginning as a narrow gorge with steep vertical walls, then slowing and widening into the scenic Lake St. Croix.
  Cities are listed in order of appearance as the river flows from north to south
Danbury, WI
Nestled in the north woods of Burnett County, you will find an area surrounded by beautiful lakes and a wide variety of wildlife. The community is known to the local residents as the "Last stop to the border", since it is located less than one mile from Wisconsin's border with Minnesota, and main intersection in the community is located at the intersection of two state highways (Wisconsin Highway 35 and Wisconsin Highway 77).
Grantsburg, WI
Grantsburg is known as the “Gateway to Crex Meadows”. Crex Meadows is the largest wildlife area in Wisconsin. Grantsburg is also an access point to the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway which provides over two hundred miles of pristine, picturesque river setting. A wide variety of recreational activities can be enjoyed at both Crex Meadows and the St Croix River.
City Website Chamber of Commerce Crex Meadows
  Grantsburg, WI
Taylors Falls, MN
Taylors Falls is a small, historic village nestled amongst the hills of the St. Croix River. Our citizens boast of small town pride; only small in size (974 population), but huge in heart. Visitors from around the world come to Taylors Falls to enjoy its scenic beauty and historic charm, as well as to participate in the recreational opportunities that are offered here. The summer's tourism peak can reach up to 5,000 people at any given time with over one million visitors passing through the city during the season.
City Website Chamber of Commerce
  Taylors Falls, MN
St. Croix Falls, WI
Situated along the picturesque St. Croix River, and an hour outside of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, the City of Trails boasts a regional professional theatre, a thriving downtown, a modern library, nationally-ranked schools, all-season trails and tales, and is a wonderful place to live, visit, or do business!
City Website Chamber of Commerce
  St. Croix Falls, WI
Osceola, WI
Osceola, located on the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, was originally settled in 1844. A collection of buildings dating from the 1880's forms the core of downtown and contributes to Osceola's small town charm. Located less than 40 miles northeast of the major metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, the Village enjoys a perfect balance of recreation, tourism, business and industry. It is an attractive place for families to live, work and do business.
City Website Chamber of Commerce Osceola Train Rides
Marine on
St. Croix, MN
Marine on St. Croix, founded as Marine Mills in 1839, was the site of the first commercial saw mill along the St. Croix River. The Mill Site is located behind and to the south of the Village Hall and has been declared a national historical site. Marine on St. Croix is home to about 650 residents who treasure the charm of their community. The town square, with its general store, town hall, library, ice cream shop, bank, and café, give the downtown area the look of a New England village.
City Website Chamber of Commerce
Stillwater, MN
Stillwater is located on the beautiful St. Croix River. Paddleboats, riverboats and gondolas sail the waters
and unique shopping, dining, lodging and entertainment are yours all wrapped inside this quaint and charming rivertown where time stands still. Just minutes from downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul and just over the Lift Bridge from Wisconsin, our Bed and Breakfasts, Historic Inns and Motels await you. We know you will be coming back again and again... to the place where it all began.
City Website Chamber of Commerce
  Stillwater, MN
Bayport, MN
Located on the St. Croix River between the cities of Afton and Stillwater, Bayport is known for its scenic river views and warm, small town hospitality. Whether you are a resident or visitor, Bayport provides a variety of ways to enjoy and explore the river valley. Outdoor enthusiasts take pleasure in swimming and boating on the calm waters of Lake St. Croix, as well as hiking and bird watching in the hill prairies of the St. Croix Savanna Natural Area. Unique, independent businesses and restaurants also enhance the character and charm of our historic town, and definitely aim to please shoppers and diners alike.
City Website
Hudson, WI
Hudson is located off I-94 in west central Wisconsin on the beautiful St. Croix River, only 10 minutes from the Twin Cities metro area. U.S. Highway 12 once crossed the St. Croix River on a toll bridge between Wisconsin and Minnesota, which provided revenue for the town. Hudson has grown as a tourist destination in recent years with shops and restaurants on the St. Croix in its historic downtown, along with hotels and other businesses that serve traffic on Interstate Highway 94.
City Website Chamber of Commerce
  Hudson, WI
Lakeland, MN
As early as 1840 a small settlement of French Canadians existed on the site of Lakeland Village along the St. Croix River. The city of Lakeland, has carefully controlled development to maintain the ambiance of a small village. Today there is little industry in the city, but there is a commercial strip centered around the Lakeland Plaza shopping center.
City Website
Lakeland Shores, MN
Lakeland Shores, Minnesota, is a small, mostly residential city nestled on the West bank of the St. Croix River in the heart of the Lower St. Croix Valley. Nestled on the West bank of the St. Croix River, just south of Interstate Highway 94 and surrounded by the City of Lakeland. In the 1940s the Jones family had their farm surveyed and began selling off 100 to 150 ft. lots along Lakeland Shores Road. Transforming so much land from agriculture to residential greatly changed the dynamics of the town, and led to a dramatic increase in taxes for the local residents. In protest of the high taxes, and to protect their lifestyle, area residents incorporated their own city, Lakeland Shores, in 1949.
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Lake St. Croix
Beach, MN
Lake St. Croix Beach is located south of Lakeland on the St. Croix River. Residents and locals enjoy swimming and sunbathing along the river with public access provided by Riverfront Park & Beach. The local hockey arena supports a robust schedule of skating-related activities. Pettitt Park provides a popular ball field and playground. The St. Croix Valley bike trail loops along the river, providing scenic panoramic views of the St. Croix River valley.
City Website
Afton, MN
The historic village of Afton is nestled between wooded river bluffs and the scenic, protected St. Croix River. Some call Afton “nostalgic, friendly and quaint.” Visitors in the mid-1800s were reminded of Robert Burns’ poem “Flow Gently, Sweet Afton,” and thence came its name. Wild flowers, deer, flying geese and songbirds thrive in the surrounding areas, along with wild berry bushes left over from Afton’s early berry industry. The scenic valley and hills offer plenty of activities for visitors including skiing, boating, golfing, apple picking, fishing and hiking.
City Website Afton Area Business Association
  Afton, MN
Prescott, WI
Prescott, WI is located at the confluence of the St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers, two of our nation's greatest treasures. The town was first settled by (and named for) Philander Prescott, who opened a trading post in 1839. Prescott is the northern gateway to Wisconsin's Great River Road, one of America's Scenic Byways. The Great River Road Visitor and Learning Center at Freedom Park is one of our scenic attractions. Stroll our trails, see the blue waters of the St. Croix mix with the brown Mississippi waters, enjoy our educational native plant gardens, and look for raptors, migrating birds and other wildlife at this Audubon Birding site and Watchable Wildlife site.
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